Richard Clayton (Moderator)
Chief Correspondent
Lloyd's List

Richard Clayton is Chief Correspondent at Lloyd's List. Among other areas, he writes about human element, digitalisation, and ship management. He joined Lloyd's List from Fairplay, where he edited the weekly magazine and the daily news bulletins. Richard has chaired conferences, moderated webinars and round table discussions, delivered thought-leadership podcasts, and penned insightful opinion pieces. He is the son and grandson of shipbrokers.

Carole Plessy
Head of Maritime

Carole joined OneWeb in 2018 with a background in satellite telecommunications and more than 20 years of business leadership and experience working across R&D and complex project management and product integration. Carole has extensive knowledge of the Maritime sector based on her previous role at Inmarsat, where she was Senior Director of Digital Products and, prior to that, Director of Maritime Product Development, responsible for new product delivery from concept to launch.

At OneWeb, Carole’s focus is on developing global Maritime services for commercial launch to bring high speed connectivity to the seas. Carole also has an MSC in Aeronautics and Telecommunications from the Ecole Nationale de L’Aviation Civile, and a doctoral program degree from the University Paul Sabatier.

Eero Lehtovaara
Head of Regulatory & Public Affairs
ABB Marine & Ports

Eero Lehtovaara is Head of Regulatory & Public Affairs at ABB and represents ABB towards IMO. He is Chairman of One Sea, a group of leading technology companies collaborating on the promotion of autonomy in shipping applications, and has recently been elected as Chairman of Waterborne Technology Platform, a technology forum in which shipping industry leaders from all of its sectors pioneer new technologies in autonomy, digitalization, and decarbonization.

Peter Schellenberger
VP Supply Chain
Thome Group

Peter has spent 30 years in Asia in executive positions in trading and manufacturing. The maritime part of his career started in Singapore when he managed two ship chandlers before joining V.Group to head the supply chain team and Marcas Asia, Maritime Service business development and the global agency portfolio. At OSM, Peter set up OSERV as Managing Director to creating a digital e-procurement platform for fleet and third-party clients, and was responsible for procurement and future driven maritime services. Moving to Thome, he looks after the Group Global Supply Chain functions as VP. Peter is Managing Director of Vanir Marine, a specialist supply chain subsidiary.

Elena Hauerhof
Product Manager
Lloyd's List Intelligence

Elena Hauerhof is a Product Manager for the Shipping industry at Lloyd's List Intelligence (Informa) covering core products suit including the Seasearcher platform and Lloyd's List news and insights. Elena is also driving the product development of Predictive Fleet Analytics, a new supply chain visibility platform and data solution.
Prior to joining Informa, she was a Principle Consultant working for a maritime sector focussed consultancy firm for nearly 5 years guiding Customers on their pathway towards digitalisation and decarbonisation. Elena was a lead author of the Fourth IMO GHG Study 2020.
Elena holds a PhD in Marine Engineering and a Masters in Computer Science from City University London.